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Vorarlbergs‘ Innovation Award

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18. June 2019

Vorarlbergs‘ Innovation Award

SIE CONNECT from Lustenau awarded with Vorarlbergs‘ Innovation Prize

Innovative business model and sustainable brand convince Chamber of Commerce and State

Yesterday evening, Vorarlbergs’ Chamber of Commerce together with the state of Vorarlberg awarded the Vorarlberg Innovation Prize. SIE CONNECT from Lustenau and their new business model around the brand Chips.AC could distinguish herself from the numerous submissions and was awarded with one of the coveted prizes.

“These awards are very special to us. We had the feeling at a very early stage that something big and really new could be created here. To see our common way to an innovative business model, in the semiconductor market, around a very sustainably oriented brand, now being provided with such honors makes me and our whole team very proud,” says Udo Filzmeier, managing director of SIE CONNECT and owner of the S.I.E Group of companies.

The new brand of SIE CONNECT “Chips.AC” acts as a connector within the semiconductor market. By returning unused semiconductors to the open market, a further important goal of the company is realized in addition to financial benefit for all parties involved. Raphael Fitz, Executive Assistant of S.I.E Holding AG, comments: “We are particularly pleased about the award, as we did not start with a pure innovation in the product or service area, but very consciously integrated the topic of sustainability in digitization and took it into account strategically.”

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication Sami Badawi adds: “The really special thing about this kind of brand conception is the freedom and the honest approach which we could choose, especially thanks to the openness of the shareholders. The sustainability aspect of the company is not only guaranteed in the business model by the return of otherwise probably scrapped semiconductors to the various markets. At the same time, the brand is CO2 neutral from day one, thanks to a network of sustainability partners, and also spends part of its profits on projects related to the main needs of digitisation, education & sustainable development”.

Image source: Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg

We bring dead stock back to life

With Earth Overshoot Day occurring earlier every year, we need to make a change. So today we launched our contribution to a more sustainable industry by finding a profitable return for excess parts to the market, which otherwise would end up in landfills. GreenChips is a website to find electronic parts, view technical specifications, contact


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electronica 2018 in Munich

We had a wonderful time together with our partners Streetscooter GmbH and Targor at the Electronica in Munich. Together with the specialists from HARTING Germany, we discussed the topics of electric mobility of the future. We look forward to further cooperation and thank you for an outstanding trade fair.

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2018 – a year of success

SIE CONNECT GmbH looks back on a successful year 2018. In addition to an increase in turnover by 19 percent, a complete rebranding was conceived and carried out together with all employees. The results are easily recognizable in our new web presence but also in our newly developed corporate vision, mission and core values. We


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