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27. October 2021

Visit the GreenChips Blog

It has been some time since you last heard of our division GreenChips and a lot has happened in the meantime. GreenChips has had a successful first year, even though it was during a pandemic. The global semiconductor shortage showed the necessity for platforms like GreenChips and a more circular economy.

In these turbulent times there are a lot of things to talk about, from supply chain issues to general shortage management. GreenChips has also started their own business blog where many interesting topics are dealt with. From ecological business practices and sustainability to news about the semiconductor industry, they cover a wide range of subjects in their articles. Some of our favorites are:

Metal-free, organic and degradable on command – Batteries of the Future

One big part of sustainable energy that is often overlooked, is that we also need sustainable ways to store said energy. Current batteries contain significant amounts of cobalt, which is often mined using child labor in dangerous working environments. Additionally, only a very small percentage of li-ion batteries are recycled, increasing the demand for cobalt and other strategic elements. Learn more about a possible organic substitute in this article here.

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Supply Chain Risk Management has always been important, however 2020 was the year that showed us once again why that is the case. Unlike other supply chain risks, COVID-19 brought these issues into forefront of the minds of practitioners and the general public alike. From consumer products like toilet paper and masks to commercial goods like shipping containers and semiconductors, many global supply chains (GSC) have been disrupted. Read the rest of the article here to find out how we could prevent this from happening again.

Why every Business should care about Forest Conservation

GreenChips is a platform for buying and selling excess semiconductors, therefore they contribute to nature conservation by reducing e-waste and encourage sustainable use of resources. Furthermore, they use 10% of their profit to conserve and restore forests. It would be easy to think that this is due to branding and having a “greener image”. Nevertheless, forest conservation has many beneficial aspects, aside from branding, which most companies have never considered. Find out what those benefits are and how they can be useful for your business here.

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Proud winner of the ALC competition in the category medium-sized companies in Vorarlberg!

We are proud and delighted to announce that we have won the renowned business competition “Austria’s Leading Companies” (ALC) in the category “medium-sized companies” with an annual turnover of 10 to 50 million euros for the province of Vorarlberg! ALC is characterised by an objective and sustainable analysis procedure. The prize is not awarded by


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Vorarlberg GreenChips second at the Austrian State Prize for Digitization

Lustenau (A) The Austrian Federal Ministry for Digitalization and Business Location nominated GreenChips Division of SIE Connect for the State Award Digitalization in the category “Digital Transformation”. The State Prize for Digitization recognizes innovative digital productions by individual producers and companies and gives them visibility: It demonstrates the innovative potential of the digital sector and


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We bring dead stock back to life

With Earth Overshoot Day occurring earlier every year, we need to make a change. So today we launched our contribution to a more sustainable industry by finding a profitable return for excess parts to the market, which otherwise would end up in landfills. GreenChips is a website to find electronic parts, view technical specifications, contact


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