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Due to 25 years of experience in global "electronic sourcing", we can bring the markets of this world to your doorstep. With our passion to resolve your individual challenges as well as agile, creative solutions and processes, we support you with an accurately fitting coverage of shortages.

In addition to classic bottlenecks in end-of-life parts, shortages of raw materials and components – so-called allocations – are now among the major challenges our economic environment has to face.

In order to overcome the effects on the semiconductor market and to optimally support our partners in unforeseen situations, we act as a flexible, extremely well-networked shortage broker. We offer professional and, above all, short-term remedies for product shortages with optimum traceability as part of our shortage supply services.

Benefit from our experience in the IC/semiconductor area, from our international partner network and from our small, flexible, and very agile intervention teams.


We check all sources of supply via our international network and analyze the status of your missing parts as part of a worldwide distribution check. Thanks to our global positioning, we have direct access to international manufacturers and distribution networks.

We acquire the most favorable sources of supply (e.g. access to order backlogs etc.) for active remaining stocks on the market. In the case of discontinued products, we also check the open market and broker existing stocks by arrangement.


We take over the testing of the brokered goods. After positive completion of visual (in-house) and functional tests (via our testing service provider network), you will receive the goods promptly and fully functional.


For discontinued items that are no longer available worldwide, we offer appropriate alternatives (substitution goods brokerage).

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