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Our Vision

We at SIE Connect are convinced to be the ideal partner for the challenges of globalization and increasing market dynamics. Therefore we act as cosmopolitan, experienced and visionary networking specialists. Thanks to our global corporate DNA, we are able to recognize and  utilize trends, opportunities and potentials of the changing world markets for our partners.

Our Values

Our Mission

We act internationally as a specialist for project coordination, shortage supply and excess stock Management of electronic components.

We find individual solutions for the challenges of our partners and accompany them throughout the entire product and project life cycle. Through our understanding of different regulations and cultures, we create global market transparency and build bridges that overcome language barriers and time zones.

We operate and maintain our international network in order to recognize changes in the markets at an early stage and to inform our partners about risks and solutions in good time. This enables us to guarantee a  cost- and performance-optimized project handling.

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