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Time 2B Safe!

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2. December 2020

Time 2B Safe!

In recent months we have become particularly aware of how important health is. For this reason, we have decided to create a new division to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases with the right products. We are proud to present 2BSafe.iO to you.

Be 2BSafe.iO our focus is on a secure community. Our products help to reduce the risk of infection in public spaces, offices, supermarkets and sports & care facilities.

Antigen Rapid Test
With this test, an accurate screening of persons with known contact to SARS-CoV-2 infected persons can be performed.
Without an additional analysis system, results are available within 15 minutes, thus enabling rapid identification of infected persons.
Sensitivity: 92.00 %.
Specificity: 99,26%

Disinfection dispenser with LCD display
The COVID-19 virus spreads mainly through small droplets from the nose or mouth, from person to person. These droplets can land on objects and surfaces around the person, such as tables, door handles and palms. It is therefore particularly important to wash or disinfect your hands regularly.

Temperature, mask and face detection device
According to WHO, the most common symptom of various diseases is fever (>37.3°C). With this device, an elevated temperature is detected immediately and thus the spread of diseases can be limited. In addition, it detects whether the tested person is wearing a mask.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This extraordinary year is coming to an end. We would like to thank all our partners and employees for their work and wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful 2021!  

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Vorarlberg GreenChips second at the Austrian State Prize for Digitization

Lustenau (A) The Austrian Federal Ministry for Digitalization and Business Location nominated GreenChips Division of SIE Connect for the State Award Digitalization in the category “Digital Transformation”. The State Prize for Digitization recognizes innovative digital productions by individual producers and companies and gives them visibility: It demonstrates the innovative potential of the digital sector and


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We bring dead stock back to life

With Earth Overshoot Day occurring earlier every year, we need to make a change. So today we launched our contribution to a more sustainable industry by finding a profitable return for excess parts to the market, which otherwise would end up in landfills. GreenChips is a website to find electronic parts, view technical specifications, contact


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